Aung Myint – From Silence is Golden: DVD Magazine Vol.1

Aung Myint

Born in Yangon in 1946 and lived and works in Yangon, Myanmar. He is a self-taught artist and founded Inya Gallery of Art (the first Myanmar modern art gallery) in Yangon since 1989 with his artist friends. He got B.A degree in Psychology in 1968 from Yangon University. In 1970 he began to participate as an artist in the modern art movement in Myanmar and practiced in Cubism. His first group show was held at the Alliance France in 1971 in Yangon. In1980 he began experiment in abstract expression. In 1996 he exhibited his conceptual artworks at Judson Hall near University of Yangon. His first installation work is "Egoist" and life performance art called "Life" which later became well known.

After 1996 he turned to his own style of clean lines and black and white as a self-alternation in the series of drawing. He used one single continuous line on hand-made paper called " Homage to Mother" a painting which given a consolation price for the Phillip Morris Art award in 2002. Moreover, he created clay, ceramics, wood and send sculptures. He exhibited over sixty local and international art shows. He also did his performance art in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Macau, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Netherland, London, Germany, Finland and USA.

Editor: Aura Contemporary Art Foundation