Hein Thit – From Silence is Golden: DVD Magazine Vol.1

Hein Thit

He grew up in a remote village in Pyay township in the middle of Myanmar. He moved to Yangon in 1980 during the time of the socialist government and settled in the outskirts area. Doing whatever odd jobs available there, he joined the Yangon Art School. His earlier works were abstract but he later came to focus on a series of "women" paintings, trying to express his own point of view toward women. After 2000, he tried to give the audience a whole new experience by blending Myanmar cartoon drawings and his "women". His works have been influenced by Aron Shield and well-known Myanmar artist Bagyi Aung Soe. His impersonal "women" in his early works were exclusive, lonely and quiet. But in his later works, his "women" came to be associated with human figures in the comic books giving the audience a new kind of feeling as well as a point to ponder.

Editor: Aura Contemporary Art Foundation