M.S.O (San Oo) – From Silence is Golden: DVD Magazine Vol.1

M.S.O (San Oo)

1964 -

Born in 1964, and he learned arts under U Lun Gywe, a Myanmar painter. He drew illustrations in university and college magazines since 1981. He continued drawing iIlustlations in some arts and literary magazines until now. He is actively presenting the creations of cover arts and designs with Computer Graphics. He participated in annual art shows of Yangon university and University of Economics and performed in Gan Gaw Village art show often since 1983-84. He also participated to "Ivy image 2000 group show” in Ivy Gallery, Yangon.

He was also established Seikku Cho Cho Publishing House in 1999 as his own business and published books and weekly Journals. Also released three books of poems and two books of novel in his own creation as a novelist and poet.

Editor: Aura Contemporary Art Foundation