Nghĩa Đặng’s Solo Exhibition ‘SCENES OF THE IMAGO’: Curiosity marks a path of action.

The Factory Contemporary Arts Centre


Dec 14, 2018 - Jan 27, 2019

From 14th December to 27th January 2018, a solo exhibition: 'SCENES OF THE IMAGO' by Nghĩa Đặng was held at GALERIA, in The Factory Contemporary Arts Centre, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The installation work using furniture, reminiscent of mind landscapes and video work of everyday scenery was exhibited, and they unfolded a mysterious space.

A child enters into the world in a chaotic state.

"A child enters into the world in a chaotic state, formed and dominated by its senses and impulsive instincts, as if it is blood related to animals in the poor world. Only when it finds its first ideal light in the mirror, do the child steps into the border between its undeveloped state, the world of symbols and language, and begins to walk. At this border, the child takes away only its debris from the world of instinct, and they are concealed into a forbidden compartment with the archetype and the unique  structure of the mind." 


The 'SCENES OF THE IMAGO' represents a stage where Nghĩa Đặng's images, and a glimpse of disconnected scenes of shadows in his subconsciousness are intertwined and revealed. This stage is similar to a game, the human-animal thresholds in the building of 'self', and the intersection of instinctive, material, and ritual.

Based on the history of ready-made art, his works are exhibited in the form of household objects that shoulder the familiarity and intimacy of the house, and have a role like a character in a story.

'Hide and Seek' full of mysteries and symbols.

The entire 'stage' serves as the entrance to the artist's mind's 'shadows'. If you observe everyday settings through a narrow peephole, it will becomes something forbidden. The two doors that exist in the exhibition do not completely function as a divider of the world, but they do provoke the vigorous curiosity of the audience.

Curiosity paves the way for action - as you navigate objects, you turn, tilt, explore, observe, and smell. Each work of art seems to participate in a full range of 'Hide and Seek' with mystery and symbols.

In this space, the audience is not just a group of spectators, but an important part of the work. Its interaction, discovery, and interpretation breathe life into the work.

Main works

  • A life.
    Wood, leather, red thread
    81 × 5 × 176 cm

  • Box of Protector.
    Cardboard, wood, clay
    31 × 22 × 24 cm

    Box of Aching Bones.
    Cardboard, wood, found fabrics, clay
    31 × 26 × 46 cm

  • His for He Who Hides in the Leaves.
    Iron, wood, leather, red thread, found objects
    92 × 65 × 180 cm

  • Deer and Pomegranate.
    Dó paper, ink, charcoal, pencil, leather
    27.5 × 23 × 1 cm


The setting of 'shadow', the setting of the mirror in the artist's personal history, was intended to evoke the boundaries between violence and healing, parental density and alienation, unconsciousness and consciousness, in a mysterious atmosphere.

Artist Profile:

Nghĩa Đặng
Born in Hanoi, 1994.

'Distinguished Scholarship' from the Art Institute of Chicago, USA (2015-2018).
Bachelor of Arts (2018).

Group Exhibition:
Đục Rỗng / Lấp Đầy, 2017, Nhà Sàn Collective, Hanoi, Vietnam
-ology, 2017, Sullivan Gallery, Chicago, IL, USA

Nghĩa Đặng currently lives and works in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Gallery Information:

Basic information about the gallery that was provided in the exhibition hall.



14th December - 27th January 2018
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