Phyoe Kyi – From Silence is Golden: DVD Magazine Vol.1

Phyoe Kyi

1977 -

He was born in Taungyi, Myanmar in 1977. He currently based in Taungyi for his life and work.
The runaway boy Phyoe Kyi from southern-Shan State is one of the most prominent contemporary artists from their colleague in Taunggyi. Many of his works are focused on the relation, friendship and conflict between his mother and himself. According to his motto “Just only mother and son”, they have had just minimun human communication. But unfortunately, they are often fighting for their aims. “I want to understand her. Also, I wish so much to get to understanding from her” he said. In 2002, he stopped working with the medium of painting, and then he produced his works with silk-screen, digital print, computer programming and video using their own snap shot photos and video documents.

Editor: Aura Contemporary Art Foundation