Thyitar – Silence is Golden: DVD Magazine Vol.1


1988 -

She was born in 1988. She's now live and work in Yangon. She's now working for Fashion Magazine as Editor and she's also a coordinator in New Zero Art Space. As social activities she's teaching Child art in summer art class at New Zero Art Space from 2010 till now.
She participated in several group exhibitions. She is also a performance artist.

Selected Exhibitions:

2013 New Zero Annual Group exhibition, Yangon, Myanmar.
Silent people or believes Conceptual photo art exhibition, Yangon, Myanmar.
Korea-Myanmar art exchange, New Zero Art Space, Yangon, Myanmar.
2012 Gender Under reflection, Performance & Photo exhibition.
IMMAF, New Media & performance art exhibition.
Charity art fair, Installation & Painting, Kandaw gyi Lake, Yangon, Myanmar.

Editor: Aura Contemporary Art Foundation