< I >

Edition 1/5+AP

Ai Kawano

< I >, 2021, Neon signboard installed on the roof of a closed hotel, H1370×W275×D80 mm, Edition1/5+AP
All images courtesy of the artist

It is a replica of a neon sign that was installed on the roof of a closed hotel in the cove. The yellow glowing letter 'I', which indicates the name of the hotel, evokes lighthouses, gravestones and 'I' as a beacon on the sea. This installation work attempts to intersect the memories of people and places with time.

Ai Kawano
Born in Shiga Prefecture in 1980, she completed her postgraduate studies in dyeing and weaving, at Kyoto City University of Arts, in 2007. While studying at Kyoto City University of Arts, she studied at the Royal College of Art as an exchange student. Currently a full-time lecturer at Kyoto University of the Arts, Department of Arts and Crafts. Major exhibitions include "Soft Territory" (2021) in commemoration of the reopening of the Shiga Museum of Art.

  • Ai Kawano

Editor: Aura Contemporary Art Foundation