A Land of Ghosts

Edition 1/3+AP

Aung Myat Htay

Year: 2019, Type: MP4, Duration: 5:10min, Resolution: HD 1920×1080, Video: NTSC, Color with Sound
All images courtesy of the artist

A Land of Ghosts is based on folklore stories that are widespread in Buddhist countries throughout Southeast Asia. To do so my installation examines the roots of local Asian communities through their social and spiritual characteristics. As a region, SEA encompasses diverse cultures, languages, behaviours and believes. In Myanmar, for instance, natives and migrants to this country share similar spiritual dimensions in which all beings on earth, be they human, animal or vegetations, like plants and trees, are interrelated in a circle of reincarnation, or Samsara. It is here where “hungry ghosts” find their way to perform they evil deeds. A Land of Ghosts reconsiders these beliefs and superstitions through the prism of circular and interdependent relationship between human reality and our surrounding environment. We believe, in fact, that there is no permanent self, but that our own selves and our souls are part of an inescapable circle of mutual metamorphosis.
Aung Myat Htay

Editor: Aura Contemporary Art Foundation