Flat Relationship

Risa Tsunegi

Flat Relationship, 2023, Mixed-media, installation, Dimensions variable
All images courtesy of the artist

There may be other ways and paths to take, but we like to conclude by taking the shortest route, like Google Maps, just based on the situation at hand. If it is grey that is not black and white, it is also complicated because grey can be more white or more black. In the end, it may be impossible to perceive things without one's own bias, but the work is a metaphor for the life force of plants that go outside of human control.

About the Artist

Risa Tsunegi (Born 1982, lives and works in Shizuoka.)
She studied painting at Chelsea College of Art and Design, University of the Arts London and completed her MFA at Glasgow School of Art in 2009. She creates sculptures and installations that combine seemingly unrelated images inspired by tools and actions in specific environments, such as farming, theatre or on trains. Recent exhibitions include "Koganecho Bazaar" (2019/2020/2021, Kanagawa), "Causality and Synchronicity" (2019, The Container, Tokyo), and "OUT OF BOUNDS" (2019, Bloc Projects, UK).

  • Risa Tsunegi, Credit: Yusuke Yamatani

Editor: Aura Contemporary Art Foundation