Fragrant soil


Fragrant soil, 2022, bacilli × Caravansarai 
All images courtesy of the artists

An installation art work created with stories and memories of places associated with the soil of Kinan. The event held on 15 October 2023 was a collaboration between “bacilli,” an art collective formed by Wakayama resident Yoshitaka Nanjo along with James Jack and Shotaro Yoshino in collaboration with the French restaurant “caravansarai” in Tanabe. For the event soil samples from citrus farms in diverse areas of Tanabe City were paired with fruits and roots to enjoy the scents, flavors, textures and more. Through a video installation projected on a table, wider audiences can use all five senses to experience connections with citrus, soil and memories through the stories of this event recreated in new spaces. 

About the Artists

  • bacilli: Shotaro Yoshino, Yoshitaka Nanjo and James Jack

Focusing on soil, people, and food, and creating spaces and environments that connect us to them, the artist collective “World Soil Association” formed by Yoshitaka Nanjo, James Jack, and Shotaro Yoshino in 2014 will be renamed “bacilli” in 2022. The term “bacilli” is a classification of organisms that grow in soil. It refers to common germs and bacteria such as fungi and cyanobacteria. 
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