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Shinjiro Watanabe

FRESH, 2022, Video, Photograph
All images courtesy of the artist

Shinjiro Watanabe develops his practice through dialogue with the landscape and phenomena that emerge after immersing himself in a space or place. Based on the idea that a human body is made up of both animalistic and vegetal components, his work aims to achieve a spirituality as a universal living creature by drawing out the vegetal aspects of a human being.
“Visiting Ishinomaki, I witnessed nature along with the mountains that are being carved out, the new roads that are being built, the levees that absorb the waves. The gaze emerges by immersing my body in this environment. I ponder the resonance of this land that catches the flow of the sea and wind.” (Shinjiro Watanabe)

About the Artist

Shinjiro Watanabe 
Born in Aichi, Japan in 1995, the artist is currently a PhD candidate at Tokyo University of the Arts.

Major exhibitions include “Dyadic Stem” (The 5th Floor, 2020), “2020||: Wardian case :||” (BLOCK HOUSE, 2020), “Standing Ovation / Where the limbs go” (ACAO SPA & RESORT, 2021)

  • Shinjiro Watanabe, Photo by Tamae Nishida

Editor: Aura Contemporary Art Foundation