Kachin House Boat

Edition 1/5+AP

Brang Li

Photo by Brang Li

This ‘Kachin boat’ was presented in an international art show called ‘A beast, a god, a line’. This art represents the revolution and peace of Kachin people and on the other hand proudly presented the embodies the traditional ‘Jack out’ designs of all six Kachin tribes. And there are some things I would like to express through this art work. First, it was designed to be a boat that floats in the air, not on the water. It is a boat that will carry its own destiny, carrying freedom and independent, carrying on the culture heritage of the ancient Kachin ancestors and the origins of the Kachin people. It reminds me of Noah’s boat in the old testament since I am a Christian. In the other words, salt is included in this art work to show how to cast out demons.

Editor: Aura Contemporary Art Foundation