Nishinari Factory Run

Gemini Kim

Nishinari Factory Run, 2023, Mixed material including 1ch Video 7’00” and 10 framed photos and one found book, Dimensions variable, Collaboration: Ami Woo Shinji Maeba and Ilona Morel
All images courtesy of the artist

In recent years, Gemini Kim has been researching and creating works about trade with machine factories as a post-colonial industry in Asian countries. This video installation focuses on the Dainippon Boseki Co. that once existed where Nishinari Park is currently located, reminding the viewer of the scenery and breath that the people who worked there must have seen.

About the Artist

Gemini Kim
After retiring from a shipping company, he studied urban theory and art practice in London. Upon returning to Incheon, South Korea, he had the opportunity to become involved with the local community and began researching the topics closest to his heart. The Korean War, suburban life, and farming. He actively participates in local activities with the aim of piecing together stories of wars that are not widely known, not only in Korea but also in Japan and Vietnam. His recent artistic research focuses on postcolonial industry in Asian countries: machine shops and trade. This theme resonates with his personal experience living in the suburbs.

  • Gemini Kim

Editor: Aura Contemporary Art Foundation