Leng Kimsreang

Plant, 2023, Broken tempered glass, tier, metal 50 × 70 × 140 cm
The Image courtesy of the artist

Kimsreang is interested in the type and function of tempered glass because it is used as a weather barrier and transparent layer to expose the interior of a structure. However, no matter how strong the glass is, it will shatter into many small pieces when it reaches a certain pressure level. For the artist, this is no different from mental health; it can only withstand to a certain degree. The artist puts back together the rubble sculpting them into various forms, such as balls, cubes, an arch, and a ground for new growth, while creating conversations with other materials, such as nails, steel bars, a tire, and textbooks. By doing so, the artist tries to rebuild from what has been broken into a new life again, where strength and fragility go hand in hand. By reassembling these tiny pieces of glass, the artist captures the psychology of Phnom Penh’s rapid development and frequent change while contemplating a process of mental healing.

About the Artist

Leng Kimsreang (b. 1997, Phnom Penh) graduated in Interior Design from the Royal University of Fine Arts. She also took Contemporary Art class at Sa Sa Art Projects. She usually works with collage and sculpture and often comments on the realities of society, culture, and the urban psyche. Group exhibitions include Message in Mind, Photo Phnom Penh Festival 2019, Tortim Art Gallery, Phnom Penh; Breath (2020) Sa Sa Art Projects, Phnom Penh; Festival d’Art Sacre de Compiegne (2021), Compiègne, France; and Sa Sa Fundraising Auction & Exhibition (2020) & (2022).

Editor: Aura Contemporary Art Foundation