Shooting stars (feat. Mikan Collective)

Edition 1/2+AP


Shooting stars (feat. Mikan Collective), 2022, Stereo channel sound 25'13'', Edition 1/2+AP
All images courtesy of the artist

A shooting star in a star-filled sky. It may be a beacon that leads us to the start of our journey.
Guided by the many stars, I too will one day...
A kaleidoscope of sound composed of electronic sounds built on a pure rhythm including 528 Hz, interspersed with sounds recorded from the nature of the Nakahechi region (in Kumano Kodo). 
This is a special "shooting stars" only here.

About the Artist

Sound art unit by Masatomo Fukushima and Yumiko Okuno.
Since 2007, they have moved to Nakaheji in the Kumano region, and using the sounds they hear every day in their daily life close to nature as a source of inspiration, they create “sound art works” that express the mysteries of the universe and life hidden in everyday life in a unique sound world. His activities transcend genres. In particular, at the BIWAKO Biennale international art festival, which he has participated in every time since 2010, he continues to transmit his unique world view through both sound installation exhibitions and artistic concerts.

- 2021 KINAN ART WEEK Kohei Maeda ‘Breathing’ music contribution
- 2022 March Release of album ‘WATER FOREST KUMANO’ co-produced with ACOON HIBINO from TAICHIKU ENTERTAINMENT
- 2022 BIWAKO Biennale 2022 Participation in Origin ~ORIGIN~. Scheduled to

Editor: Aura Contemporary Art Foundation