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Altro Mondo Creative Space

Sep 10 - Oct 08, 2022

Sinking into Oblivion, 2022, Tom Russ
All images courtesy of Altro Mondo Creative Space

Altro Mondo Art Contemporanea is proud to present FOREFRONT, a group exhibition featuring the works of NASSER ZULUETA, TOM RUSS, and ELWIN LYON at the Altro Mondo Creative gallery (1159 Chino Roces Ave. San Antonio Village, Makati City). The exhibition will run from 10 September - 8 October 2022.

  • Momentum Blitzkrieg, 2022, Elwin Lyon

  • The Worker’s Gambit, 2022, Elwin Lyon

The pandemic has brought forth many realizations; chief among them is the validation of the importance of certain jobs and workers we often take for granted. They’ve become indispensable as we continue to navigate a global health crisis and a hazy future. We’ve known them as the FRONTLINERS—the people at the forefront of this battle who risk their lives for the public.
However, so much has been said, but less has been done to acknowledge their significant contributions. “Forefront,” a group exhibition featuring the works of Nasser Zulueta, Tom Russ, and Elwin Lyon, aims to honor their legacy by confronting the injustices and unfair treatment they endured. This exhibition hopes to raise awareness of the plight of our frontliners and bring different sectors of our society together to start conversations on this matter. Funded by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) under the 2022 Competitive Grants, three artists have come together to honor our modern heroes.

  • Resilient, 2022, Nasser Zulueta

  • Still Standing, 2022, Nasser Zulueta



Sep 10 - Oct 08, 2022
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Altro Mondo Creative Space
1159 Chino Roces Avenue San Antonio Village, Makati City Philippines
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