‘Suzlee Ibrahim: Selected Series 2005 – 2017’ by Suzlee Ibrahim – G13 Gallery


G13 Gallery

Oct 01 - Oct 23, 2021

Ocean Park, 2005, Acrylic Oil on Canvas, 166x214cm
All images courtesy of G13 Gallery

G13 Gallery is proud to present Suzlee Ibrahim: Selected Series 2005 – 2017, a solo exhibition by Suzlee Ibrahim. This is the 42nd solo exhibition in Suzlee’s 34-year career as an artist and the exhibition celebrates the best of Suzlee Ibrahim’s oeuvre, featuring 18 large-scale paintings.

  • Sea Festival 1, 2006-2007, Acrylic Oil on Canvas, 166x213cm

  • Batik Series Red Batik, 2007-2008,153x183cm Acrylic on Canvas, 153x183cm

Suzlee Ibrahim carefully chooses the artworks from different series based on his personal preference. Since 1987, he has produced 20 series with various sizes of works. The paintings of Suzlee Ibrahim are the manifestations of his innermost feelings about his travels throughout his career as an artist.
The ‘Sakura Series’, for example, is based on Suzlee's experiences attending the Sakura Festival at Ueno Park, Tokyo, in 2008. The ‘Batik Series’ recalls his return to his hometown in Terengganu and his observation of the development of the 'small industry' of batik making in Terengganu. Similarly, the ‘Waterfall’ and ‘Ombak Merah’ series depict experiences in Terengganu as well.

  • Sakura Series Ueno Park, 2008, Acrylic Oil on Canvas, 183x244cm

The artworks in this exhibition include “Ocean Park” (2005); “Sea Festival I” (2006-2007); “Batik Series: Red Batik” (2007-2008); “Sakura Series: Ueno Park” (2008); “Red Heliconia” (2014); “Waterfall” (2011–2013); “Dark Fire” (2009); “Middle of the Night” (2009); “Waterfall Series: Rhythm” (2009); “Moon Cake Festival No. 8” (2017); “Ombak Merah No. 1” (2008–2009); “Ombak Merah No. 2” (2008–2009); “Forest” (2010–2013); “Lion Dance No. 9” (2008); “Waterfall Series” (2011-2012); “Earth Series: Getaran” (2013-2014) and “TTC Series” (2012-2013). 

  • Lion Dance No. 9, 2008, Acrylic Oil on Canvas, 153x153cm

  • Ombak Merah No. 2, 2008-2009, Acrylic Oil on Canvas, 137x198cm

  • Dark Fire, 2009, Acrylic Oil on Canvas, 137x198cm

  • Middle of the Night, 2009, Acrylic Oil on Canvas, 137x198cm

  • Forest, 2010-2013, Acrylic Oil on Canvas, 163x163cm

  • Waterfall Series Rhythm, 2011, Acrylic Oil on Canvas, 152x183cm

  • Waterfall Series Sunday Morning, 2011-12, Acrylic Oil on Canvas, 183x213cm

  • TTC Series Waterfall, 2012-13, Acrylic Oil on Canvas, 183x213cm

  • Earth Series Getaran, 2013-14, Acrylic Oil on Canvas, 183x213cm

  • Red Heliconia, 2014, Acrylic Oil on Canvas, 183x244cm

  • Moon Cake Festival No. 8, 2017, Acrylic Oil on Canvas, 153x183cm

About the Artist

Suzlee Ibrahim
Born Kuala Terengganu, 1967


Suzlee Ibrahim: Selected Series 2005 – 2017

Oct 01 - Oct 23, 2021
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G13 Gallery
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