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Jan 22 - Mar 20, 2022

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Welcome to the ephemeral of the eternal body

Every child is asleep nestled in each other on a grandstand high up in the clouds, carried by a truck driving to a museum in the middle of the sea. Winding roads; white sandy beaches; turquoise seas; the sky filled with the sun, moon, and stars; and then, the pyramid-shaped museum made of a mirror reflecting everything. It changes colors in all the directions the truck is approaching. The museum towers up high, each soaring floor housing the memories of everyone. Whether special or generic memories, they are all equal in this museum. The stories of every person in the world are transmitted, reflected, and remembered.

However, among these children on the grandstand, there is one child who is awake. He only leans on his friends, pretending to be asleep yet is aware of all that surrounds him.

‘Bêtes Éternelles’ a solo exhibition by Harit Srikhao portrays the attempt to possess the perfect body by the institution or the state by seizing it from ‘kids’. In the context of ‘Bêtes Éternelles’, this refers to the lifecasting technique which is the pursuit of the most flawless body to cast from. These bodies often belong to youths. At the same time, ‘Bêtes Éternelles’ also invites us to observe the buzzcut heads from hundreds of children, laid on the floor. The exhibition invites us to question the mechanism of altering ‘the body’ to become an ‘asset’ of the institution or the state.

About the Artist

Harit Srikhao (b.1995, Bangkok) is a photographer and artist based in Thailand. He graduated master’s degree in Photography and Visual Design from Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti (NABA), Italy. Through his work, Harit has highlighted the relationship between photography and propaganda, as well as initiated a dialogue on politics and sexuality.

His works have been exhibited at Muse de llyse in Switzerland, Museum Fridericianum in Germany, Foam Fotografiemuseum in The Netherlands, and Fabbri Shenker projects in London. He has won multiple international awards including Young Thai Artist Award in Thailand, IPA’s Young Portfolio Award in Singapore, Prince Claus Seed awards in The Netherlands, Foam Talent, and Gomma Grant second Prize in London.


Bêtes Éternelles

Jan 22 - Mar 20, 2022
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