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Jan 20 - Feb 10, 2024

Future, 2023, Oil on canvas, 90 × 70 cm / each
All images by courtesy of Number1Gallery

“Corpse Smile” the solo exhibition by Arnont Lertpullpol, presenting oil painting with the canvas that has repeated brush lines rapidly or emphasized an empty space with vivid colors in order to create the surface, rymthm and a variety in techniques that indicates emotion. Hence this time the artist heightened the design of processes which are orderly organized and repetitious; patching and combining as it was a replicated artwork and to be representative as the meaning of military and recurrent effects from wars. With an analysis of particular circumstances in activities, behavior or visibly physical characters for instance to be under control to attack, shoot, retract and stop, to have regulations and discipline etc. to form a technique and a type of production to be effective in a particular procedure of repetition which had been executed over and over again by amounts, the same initial and final processes; not to be out of the box or manage to unfollow a fixed procedure. Using a condition of painting processes to control an expression as it is an essential matter to convey the meaning than explaining with a situation or an outcome from a complete truth in order to transfer a state of fearfulness to be on the work as if it was a feeling of being attacked by an army in front of us and intimidated our lives.

  • The boy in the striped pyjamas (Palestine), 2023, Oil on canvas, 150 × 180 cm

  • Military, 2023, Oil on canvas, 300 × 400 cm

  • Military 2, 2023, Oil on canvas, 240 × 180 cm

  • Green Zone, 2023, Oil on canvas, 160 × 120 cm

About the Artist

Arnont Lertpullpol (B.1993, Surat Thani, Thailand), a currently professor of painting, faculty of painting, sculpture and printing. He graduated Bachelor’s degree of Arts, faculty of visual arts, majority of painting from faculty of painting, sculpture and printing. Master of Arts, postgraduate degree, Silpakorn University. Anon has a well known artwork from a winning third runner-up award in “creating for a perfection of life, the 20th Panasonic contemporary painting competition at the national gallery, Bangkok (2018) and a first runner-up from “creating for a perfection of life, the 21st Panasonic contemporary painting competition at the national gallery, Bangkok (2019). Moreover he had his solo exhibition “Goodness” at People’s Gallery, on the 2nd floor of Bangkok Art and culture center BACC (2019) and many exhibitions in different countries such as Art Busan, South Korea (2023).

  • Arnont Lertpullpol


Corpse Smile

Jan 20 - Feb 10, 2024
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