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Nov 16, 2021 - Feb 12, 2022

Raj Bunnag, The Cocaine Hurricane, 2020, Relief linocut, 55x112cm
All images courtesy of SAC Gallery

Monster is an exhibition exploring the extraordinary story hidden mysteriously behind the image of animals, humans and objects to visualize the conflict inside our mind and society including Love, Greed, Wrath and Illusion. Inspired by the fairy tales, myths and legends in which human, mythical creatures and magical artifacts communicate and interact with each other. The importance of the relationship between humans and what represents human beliefs, class, conflicts and myths reveal the nature and the essence of humanity through multitudinous personalities.
Using observation of the presentation of the human figure in the form of contemporary art, fusion, modification, mutation and invention of these supernatural personalities as a language to interpret socio-political situations and also the domination of otherness beyond the human body in diverse forms of the overlapped world of human and beast.

About the Artists

Raj Bunnag is a Thai-American artist living and working in Durham, North Carolina. He Graduated from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2012 with a BFA in Printmaking. He is currently attending the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill as a 2022 candidate for a master’s in fine arts. Much of the work Raj creates is of a political nature, addressing things such as the failure that is the war on drugs in his Druggernaught series or the systemic racism inherent to the systems of the UnitedStates. In his more personal work, he is researching the ideas and baggage that come with self identity and what it means to be an American in non white skin.

  • Raj Bunnag

  • Cheaper than Oxy, 2016, Relief linocut, 50x105cm

  • Weedsquatch & the Gorilla Glue Guardian, 2018, Relief linocut, 50x105cm

Kitikun Mankit graduated Master’s degree in Fine Arts from King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang. He launched his 1st art exhibition in an exhibition called “One Upon a Time”, 2014 and then continue displaying his works both in Thailand and overseas until now.
The artist imagined the artworks which convey the feeling of being observed to the audiences, to make them question those uncomfortable feelings of being observed by his painting.

  • Kitikun Mankit

  • Judgement, 2021 Oil on linen, 70x120cm

  • The Hanged Man, 2021, Oil on linen, 140x150cm

Preyawit Nilachulaka born 1977 in Bangkok, also known as Mr. Sexman, is a Thai artist, whose work observes and questions the relationship between the society and the roles we play as citizens. Having been influenced in his teen years by living in Japan, his works are often described as carrying the manga-esque aesthetics of storytelling and composition associated with Akira Toriyama, creator of Dragon Ball.
In his series, Siam Rangers, Nilachulaka critiques the role of the police in Thailand. Often criticized for their uselessness and tardiness in arriving at the scene, the police always put up an over-the- top show upon arrival. Through the visual references to the 1990’s Power Rangers teen television show, Nilachulaka reflects the public’s growing distrust towards the police force.

  • Preyawit Nilachulaka

  • Train of Love, 2021, Acrylic on linen, 90x120cm

  • Memonto Moe No.3, 2019, Lenticular printing, 52x68cm

Taiki Sakpisit is a visual artist and filmmaker lives and filmmaker lives and works in Bangkok, Thailand where he has been making experimental shorts and moving-image works since 2008. His works often structure through the kinetic energy of the striking aural and visual juxtapositions that accelerate the sense of conflicts, suspended forces, and impending changes of contemporary Thailand as well as touching upon the personal memories, trauma and collective experiences.

  • Taiki Sakpisit

  • อนาลยั นคร (Trouble in Paradise), 2017, Video installation,13 Minutes

Aof Smith is an artist who creates artworks with the presence of subculture aesthetic. This kind of artwork is not created under the principle of contemporary art, on the other hand, artists who are passionate in Lowbrow art did not concern about that principle or need any suggestions from art critics or acceptance from art institutes. His works are full of feelings, lively, grievance, enjoyment, for instance, and also easy for people to understand. The kind of artworks that represents this era by using the cartoon style, living creatures and interesting stories in everyday life in his narratives. Aof Smith has many solo exhibitions both in Thailand and overseas for example “Silent Ravage” which gives a glimpse of his veteran artist life through Music culture blended with Comics.

  • Aof Smith

  • Drummer Girl, 2021, Oil on linen, 100x120cm

  • Monster Music, 2021, Oil on linen, 150x150cm

Vipoo Srivilasa a Thai-born Melbourne-based artist. Vipoo works predominantly in porcelain but also creates work on paper, mix media sculptures, bronze statues. He is interested in various aspects from immigrants who living with the cultural diversity in Australia. He is explored into each conversation from their experiences to his work and then reflected back in new conversations.

  • Vipoo Srivilasa

  • Garuda and Naga Deity II, 2021, Glazed ceramic and mixed media, 19x16x7cm

  • Blossom Deity II (นางบุษบา II), 2021, Glazed porcelain and mixed media, 23x20x6cm

Komkrit Tepthian was born in Suphanburi in 1985 and his current residence is in Bangkok, Thailand. He graduated a Bachelor’s degree from the Department of Fine Arts, the School of Architecture, Art and Design, King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (KTMIL) and Master’s degree in Sculpting from Faculty of Painting, Sculpture and Graphic Arts, Silpakorn University. He currently works as an independent artist and special lecturer for Bachelor of Fine Arts program in Sculpture and Sculpture for Society, KTMIL.

  • Komkrit Tepthian

  • Castor & Pollux, 2021, Fiber glass, iron, stainless, resin and metal padlock, 209x130x103cm

  • Castor & Pollux

three is an artist unit formed in 2009 by three artists who live and work in Fukushima, Japan. They produce art pieces by using a huge amount of ever-day items including fish-shaped soy sauce bottles, figure dolls of cartoon or game characters and candy. They have a keen interest in opposing and multi-layered subjects such as ‘large-scale production and consumption’, ‘individual and community’, ‘cities and regions’. They are trying to create a visualization of different kinds of aspect in the modern society, sometimes in an ironic way.

  • 2211g, 2020, Figure (PVC resin), stainless steel, FRP, PVC, wood and acrylic box, 30x20x43cm

  • 2123g, 2020, Figure (PVC resin), stainless steel, FRP, PVC and wood, 29x20x18cm

  • 2211g, 2020, Figure (PVC resin), stainless steel, FRP, PVC, wood and acrylic box, 30x20x43cm



16 November 2021 – 12 February 2022
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