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La Lanta Fine Art

Jan 12 - Feb 24, 2024

Seascape, 2023, Papercut, 60 × 42cm
All images courtesy of La Lanta Fine Art

La Lanta Fine Art is pleased to announce a solo exhibition by COLLAGECANTO, a female Thai artist who transforms paper into a work of art from her imagination.  I am Home exhibition is the exploration and the interpretation of the architecture of the house and the relationship between a human and their home.   
The creation of the work began with COLLAGECANTO analyzing her own conditions as a freelance artist who creates art in her house, thus, work and personal life are merged into one.  The artist reflects the way of life that many of today's generation becomes more associated with their home.  The pandemic forced people's lives to be inextricably linked with their homes.  The resulting exhibition consists of a collection of paper art that tells the story of people's relationship with their home through various perspectives.  It's like the words I am Home that can be translated into many meanings from different contexts.
The works in the I am Home exhibition are made from a combination of paper cutting and collage that the artist has accumulated over a long period of time.  She also develops a new technique that comes from the reinterpretation of the previous method, that is to use thin paper threads like yarn.  The paper yarn is knitted to create a woven artwork before being shaped to the desired form with connection to the concept of home.
To the artist, paper cutting is a craft that is labor intensive and painstakingly demanding while paper knitting serves as a good break to rest the finger muscles.  It is a paradox to the activities and emotions that go back and forth as we go about routine activities in our home life.

  • Roots house, 2023, Paper and knitting needles, 50 × 130, 34 × 130cm

  • Wings, 2023, Pape, 44 × 72cm

  • Alfhol, 2023, Paper and mixed media, 49 × 44 × 42cm

  • Patchwork house, 2023, Paper and mixed media, 143 × 143 × 195cm


Born in Thailand, Wannaprapa Tungkasmith a.k.a. COLLAGECANTO is a self-taught artist.  She has been creating paper cut artwork since 2007.  Her delicate artwork demonstrates her fascination with details of small things around her.  COLLAGECANTO has keen interest in botanical drawings, microscopic images, laces, and vintage pictures.  These subjects are apparent in her paper cut artwork.


I am Home

Jan 12 - Feb 24, 2024
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