‘Imagine Material’ by Prak Dalin – Sa Sa Art Projects


Sa Sa Art Projects

Sep 11 - Oct 03, 2021

Prak Dalin, Bond, 2021, concrete, chalk, foam, metal frame, 50 x 80 x 3 cm
All images by Courtesy of Sa Sa Art Projects

Imagine Material presents a new body of work by Prak Dalin. The artist explores and studies forms and scales with construction materials to create sculptures, installations, and digital images. Her work takes different forms utilising various materials such as bricks, cement, wood, iron, and chalk. The artworks presented are both a process and a result of learning, imagining, inventing, and expressing her thoughts and emotions through materiality rather than raising a specific topic.

  • Monk 3, Monk 2, Monk 1, 2021, Bricks, Variable dimension

  • Flow, 2021, Concrete, foam, metal frame 50 x 80 x 3 cm

Dalin constructs a standing sculpture made of hundreds of construction bricks forming into a seemingly abstract figure for this exhibition. Orange is the color of a Buddhist monk’s robe; it also often references fire. The artist considers brick a kind of material that can bind, connect and bring awareness. These bricks inspire her to create this sculptural work playing with form and color. Among the works shown are three smaller hollow sculptures made of thin concrete inspired by the shape of a reptile body, with a brick at one end imagined as the head. The artist studies the balance of a bending form, as the sculptures appear steadily standing with elegance.
Imagine Material is a testament to Prak Dalin’s search for and opening up of her artistic vocabulary of imaginative forms founded on what she calls “giving freedom to the materials.” Whether a sculpture composed of bricks or three-dimensional paintings made of cement and chalk, Dalin plays with subtle forms turning materials and objects commonly used in construction into surprising images with new meanings. Through the encounter with these artworks, the audiences can also imagine with Dalin.


Imagine Material

11 September - 3 October 2021 (online view), Scheduled to open by appointment after 8 October
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Sa Sa Art Projects
#47, St 350 (off St 95), Phnom Penh
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092 78 78 67 info@sasaart.info
10am-6pm Wed-Sat (by appointment only) All visits to the exhibition will follow Covid-19 safety procedure

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