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Transcendens No.1 (L), Acrylic ink on canvas, crochet, 194cm×162cm, 2021
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Karine Guillermin's works exhibit her reflection on reality, senses and visuals. It transcends complex thoughts and structures into delicate yet detailed forms. Expand a space of pause where subconscious and conscient intersect. Seeding fertile thoughts to emulsify formal structures. Endured the energy, an invisible repetition of ephemeral acceptation. One is all, all is one and vacuity. Dare to attempt another angle to unravel each component which lay and hangs down ahead of your vision. Every fragment constructs unity which is unique and different.

  • Transcendens No.3 (L), Acrylic ink on canvas, crochet, 194cm×162cm, 2021

Impermanence is an invitation to understand your mind. Taming is sometimes the same as finding freedom. Hear the sound of silence in your thoughts. Seek a conversation with yourself. A monologue is personal, impersonal and temporal. It is beyond visual perception where time does not matter.

  • Transcendens No.4, Acrylic ink on canvas, crochet, 50cm×70cm, 2021

  • Transcendens No.5, Acrylic ink on canvas, crochet, 50cm×70cm, 2021

About the Artist

Karine Guillermin’s paintings are a meditation; a pause at the point where dreams and reality intersect. Guillermin’s images are restless but regimented: at times intricate, at others expansive. They recall the childlike sophistication (as well as the sub-tropical tableaux) of Henri Rousseau. It is escapism afforded to the viewer as much as the artist, as the eye skips then alights, lost in the contours of a leaf, or locked on an eye appearing from the undergrowth, “A story where the dream is confused with reality.”
Born in Villeurbanne, France, in 1975, Karine currently divides her time between her home country and Japan, and her works are a mirror of that. French expressiveness with Japanese-inspired detailing collide to become dreamily compelling compositions: the petals of a large marshmallow flower; aquatic molluscs loitering in the air; a rainbow firework bursting to life. They are hypnotic, because, as Rousseau said, “Beauty is the promise of happiness.”



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