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Richard Koh Fine Art

Apr 20 - May 18, 2024

Narrow way to the Interior, 2023, Oil on plywood, 20×15 cm
All images by courtesy of Richard Koh Fine Art (RKFA) and artist

Richard Koh Fine Art Singapore is pleased to announce the upcoming exhibition by Japanese artist Rui Matsunaga, unveiling a profound exploration of humanity’s intricate relationship with nature and technology. Titled “Narrow Way to the Interior”.
Matsunaga’s works resonate with the apocalyptic echoes of history, particularly the devastation wrought by the atomic bombs that fell on Japan over seventy years ago. Drawing inspiration from this pivotal moment in human history, Matsunaga’s art transcends mere reflection, delving into profound questions surrounding environmental crises, the over-consumption of natural resources, technological dependence, and the specter of war.

  • Fox Wedding, 2023, Oil on plywood, 28×23 cm

  • Ladder to Milky Way, 2022, Oil on plywood, 28×23 cm

About the Artist

Rui Matsunaga (b.1968, Japan) is a Japanese artist trained at the Royal Academy of Arts Schools and Central Saint Martin’s in London before returning to Japan. With solo exhibitions across the UK, including at prestigious venues like the Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation in London and the Atkinson in Southport, Matsunaga has garnered international acclaim. Her intricate oil paintings on plywood draw from influences as diverse as folklore, mythology, and early Japanese scroll paintings, embodying a fusion of Renaissance aesthetics and contemporary manga films. Through her art, Matsunaga explores the interconnectedness of humans and nature, advocating for a respectful animist sensibility towards all living beings.
Matsunaga’s work serves as a visual narrative of our complex relationships with the natural world, challenging notions of superiority over other species. Her paintings, populated with a whimsical cast of creatures, function as metaphors for the interconnectedness of all life forms. Rejecting exploitation in favor of a spiritual connection to nature, Matsunaga’s art encourages contemplation of our place within the cosmic order, inviting viewers to reconsider their role in preserving the delicate balance of the environment.

  • Portrait of RUI MATSUNAGA,
    Photo courtesy of the artist.


Narrow Way to the Interior

20 April - 18 May 2024
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