‘NATURE’S CANVAS’ by Supmanee Chaisansuk – The Charoen AArt


The Charoen AArt

May 13 - Jun 30, 2024

Natural Softness 02
The images courtesy of Artist and The Charoen AArt

The Charoen AArt presents SUPMANEE CHAISANSUK: NATURE'S CANVAS, an exclusive exhibition in collaboration with Artsy. Explore the transformative journey of Supmanee Chaisansuk from architect to artist, engaging with themes of nature, memory, and change, offering a unique insight into the artist’s evolving vision.
Originally an architect, Supmanee Chaisansuk integrates her profound connection to both urban and natural environments into her art, creating thought-provoking pieces that merge structural precision with organic spontaneity. The exhibition features selected works from her acclaimed series, including "Earth and Green", "Manmade Apocalypse", "VOCs", and "The Delicacy of Nature", each reflecting the intricate interplay between natural elements and human influence.

  • Fur Movement 03

  • The Living Soil

  • Hot Spots

  • Nocturnal

  • Tree of Dust

About the Artist

Supmanee Chaisansuk's journey from being an architect to a painter is a heartfelt story of change and passion. She once designed buildings, but now she paints, infusing her love for nature into every piece of art. Her story teaches us about following our hearts and embracing our true calling, no matter how different it might seem.
As Supmanee continues to grow as an artist, she explores how to connect more deeply with nature and express it in her art. She's curious about blending the world inside us with the world outside, showing that art can be a bridge between feelings and the environment.

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May 13 - Jun 30, 2024
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The Charoen AArt
2250/16 Charoenkrung Road, Bang Kho Lame, Bangkok. Thailand
11AM - 7PM Tue - Sun

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