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AAH Studio Gallery

Oct 10, 2020 - Jan 31, 2021

Images courtesy of AAH Studio Gallery

An incessant boxing bell rings to commence another boxing match of the night. It is the fight for their lives, their dignity and their prize. They fight each other without bounds. The cheering crowd drowns out the discreet opening of a Pandora’s box. Fatal and colorless haze was rampant to the crowd regardless of class, occupation, gender, or religion. It is a total disaster for all people in the country. A real fight for survival begins. Everyone’s way of life is inevitably affected. All wake up in the morning paranoid. Life and death matters seem to be closer and closer – in every second, every breath. When and how this disaster will end? This question remains and waits to be answered with anticipation.

RAMPANT is a duo exhibition by contemporary and abstract artists, Pichai Pongsasaovapark and Sudaporn Teja, depicting their struggles during the widespread COVID-19 pandemic in Thailand. RAMPANT confronts life and death matters, overcoming fear, time constraints, and emotional balance. The exhibition is mounted at AAH STUDIO GALLERY, Suk Sawat Road, in association with prominent local Thai galleries, S.A.C. Subhashok The Arts Centre and Serindia Gallery. RAMPANT at AAH STUDIO GALLERY is also one of the pavilions of BANGKOK BIENNIAL 2020.

Pichai Pongsasaovapark explores his near-death experience, sickness from colon disease, and fighting for survival during the state of emergency in his artwork. His experiences during the pandemic led him to question his past behavior, time lost, and the value of his time that remains. Influenced by the interrelation between the pandemic situation, rules, and time, he has created a new series of mixed-media abstract art with symbolic representation and installation art, challenging viewers to experience, interpret, and reappraise the past.

Sudaporn Teja has trained her observational skills that those things around her during seclusion, and fortuitously found that fighting for survival of an adopted creature was needed. The juncture of witnessing parturition, grooming and seeing new lives grow brought small happiness and joy to her life. All anxieties seemed to shed away temporarily. The experience raised a question with the artist about the priority of emotional diversity and the bigger picture of life when she has plenty of time to ponder. Emotional balance allows simple happiness that we sometimes overlook to be enjoyed. Sudaporn has created a new series of abstract paintings, symbolic mixed media art installed with hidden significance, allowing viewers to engage intimately with her art.

RAMPANT will open on Saturday, 10th October 2020, from 14:00 - 21:00 at AAH STUDIO GALLERY. The exhibition will be on view until 31 January 2021. If you would like to visit after the opening day, please contact the gallery via the Facebook Page of AAH STUDIO GALLERY.

About the Artists

Pichai Pongsasaovapark is a Bangkok-based artist who uses acrylics, mixed media, and photography to create abstract and conceptual work. He is represented by Subhashok Arts Centre in Bangkok, and his work is in a number of public and private collections, including the Luciano Benetton Foundation (Milan, Italy), National Institutes of Health (Washington, DC), and the United Nations (Bangkok, Thailand), and included in the landmark volume, Thailand: Spiritual & Material – Contemporary Artists from Thailand (2015).

Sudaporn Teja is a Thai abstract artist and contemporary artist. She started her early abstract paintings by applying thin layers of colors to convey the impression of a shallow pictorial space. Her oeuvres are in the synthesis of abstract form with psychological and social contents. Her solo exhibitions have been presented in Bangkok at Serindia Gallery during 2014-2019, in Paris at Galerie Jean-François Cazeau in 2015, and co-exhibited at SPECTROSYNTHESIS II - Exposure of Tolerance: LGBTQ in Southeast Asia (Bangkok 2019), Art Hsinchu (Taiwan 2018), Éclectisme (Paris 2016), Art Stage (Singapore 2016).

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About the Gallery

AHH STUDIO GALLERY, opened in 2019 by Thai contemporary artist Pichai Pongsasaovapark, is a showplace for both his new artworks and exhibitions with other artists. Located off Suk Sawat Road in the up and coming Bang Pakok district of Bangkok, the Gallery is open Tuesday to Wednesday from 13:00 - 16:00 and other times by appointment. AAH Studio Gallery serves as both a working art studio and a showcase for Pichai's paintings, photography and mixed media conceptual art. Unlike more traditional galleries, AAH STUDIO GALLERY promotes a friendly and welcoming experience for all visitors, and we particularly welcome tourists who would like to have a more intimate art experience. Private tours are welcome with advanced notice on request. We are also engaged with the local community and offer opportunities for hosting workshops and educational activities throughout the year.



10th October 2020 - 31th January 2021
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Rat Sawat Alley Bangkok (Next to Suk Sawat 37 Alley),

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