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Dec 15, 2021 - Jan 10, 2022

All images courtesy of AsiaHues

AsiaHues will embark on a new platform, an Online 3D Exhibition 'Ringroad' to deliver you exquisite works by artist Syahrizal Pahlevi.

Syahrizal Pahlevi has a very delicate technique in producing his works. The images will be cut out on a sheet of wood plate and inked and then printed onto a sheet of paper. Then the wood plate is cleaned and scraped again to remove unwanted parts. Then it is inked and printed on the width of the paper that already contains the previous print. This will be repeated until the desired image is obtained. Usually the graphic will be printed multiple (multiple editions) at once because this technique does not accept errors. 

  • Jl. Prabusiliwangi 69 #2, woodcut on paper, 30x20cm

  • Reclining with colour reduction, woodcut on paper, 24x23cm

Inspired by his neighborhood in Yogyakarta, his wife, plants, and his hometown in Sumatera had infiltrated the characteristics of his works. From the span of his personal archives about social situations, ordinary things from everyday life and portraying people around him. 

  • Bird in the garden reduction, woodcut on paper, 24x17.5cm

About the Artist

Syahrizal Pahlevi was born in 1965 in Palembang, Indonesia. He is a printmaker and founder of TERAS Print Studio. He works predominantly in the medium of woodcut and mokuhanga but includes installations and performance art. He often transported the process of printmaking directly into the public area both in and outdoor spaces as temporary studios. His works are like personal artist’s archives about social situations, ordinary things from everyday life and portraying people around him.

About the AsiaHues

The team behind AsiaHues consists of highly experienced gallerists, curators, and art consultants. For many years, their work in the industry has built them a strong reputation with Asia’s artists. Due to this long tenure, they understand very clearly the restrictions of the existing platforms in the arts, particularly of the brick-and-mortar gallery.
With the desire to further expand beyond a physical space, and to increase the exposure of Asia’s finest artists, we created AsiaHues. By being an online gallery, we can help Asian emerging and established artists reach a much wider international audience.
Active in the regional art scene, AsiaHues brings artists to international art fairs, and pop-up shows in creative spaces all over Vietnam and beyond.


Online 3D Exhibition 'Ringroad'

15 December 2021 - 10 January 2022
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Link to Access: https://linktr.ee/asiahues
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