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Sep 02 - Oct 22, 2023

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JWD Art Space extends a warm invitation to visit an exhibition, ‘To All Bystanders’ featuring a talented group of emerging street artists known as Temporary West. This exhibition vividly portrays street life and culture through the medium of street art, an art form displayed in public spaces and on streets. Ten artists from Temporary West, including DEIO, HOIE, FREAK, MR. KREME, ORON, RKOI, YOUNGPRAY, PICABOO, MONTEMITH, and Y?, have skill fully translated street art into an indoor setting. Each artist has embraced their unique artistic practices and styles, resulting in the creation of over 40 diverse works across various mediums. These artworks encompass not only spray painting but also photography, moving images, mixed media, and sculptures.  

The 'To All Bystanders' exhibition serves as an invitation from the artists of Temporary West to their dedicated audience, as implied by the exhibition's title. They aim to inspire their audience to venture beyond their comfort zones and unleash their creativity, just as the artists themselves have fearlessly done across various artistic mediums. This exhibition encourages everyone to explore their own artistic potential and embark on a creative journey of their own. 

The focal point of the 'To All Bystanders' exhibition lies in its vivid portrayal of street culture through a diverse array of artworks. A particularly noteworthy piece is a wall that extends for over 5 meters. Here, each artist has infused their creativity and individuality into the canvas, employing spray paint to craft a distinctive and striking graffiti masterpiece. Another remarkable highlight is the 'Fingerboard Skatepark,' a sculpture by HOIE. This interactive piece provides a dedicated space for visitors to engage in finger boarding, offering a unique and immersive experience that mirrors yet another facet of street culture and lifestyle.

About Temporary West

Temporary West is a crew of street artists based in Bangkok. Temporary West was first  formed in Prachuap Khiri Khan, a coastal province in western Thailand, as the crew aim  to enact a public mural to help revitalize the sub-culture scene in the province. Since  then the crew has been actively engaged in numerous public mural and commercial  projects across Thailand and overseas. 


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Temporary West I To All Bystanders

Sep 02 - Oct 22, 2023
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JWD Art Space
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