‘The Divine Earth’ by Zou Jianping – Tang Contemporary Art Bangkok


Tang Contemporary Art Bangkok

Jan 13 - Feb 24, 2024

My Buddha: Kizil Imprint No.7, 2021, Mixed media on canvas, 150 × 200 / 158 × 208 cm (with frame)
All images courtesy of Tang Contemporary Art Bangkok

The Bangkok exhibition primarily showcases Zou Jianping's scale and depth of experience in the desert, tracing his journey through the vast wilderness. In his recent work, he pays poignant homage to family, particularly his elderly mother, wife, and children, while reflecting on the significance of seeds and rice. Over these years, Zou Jianping's trajectory has shifted from the bustling urban landscape to the serene vastness of the desert, a return from the untamed wilderness to a reconnection with life. In the presence of each meticulously crafted mud and sand painting and the Han spirit painting, Zou Jianping's exploration of spiritual landscapes, though firmly grounded in the present, seems to transcend earthly constraints. Beneath the wings of time, his creations take flight into the boundless expanse of the sky.

  • Big Vase No.9, 2023, Mixed media on canvas, 100 × 80 / 115 × 95 cm (with frame)

  • My Buddha: Petal Rain, 2023, Mixed media on canvas, 80 × 60 / 88 × 69 cm (with frame)

  • Big Bird: Red Temptation, 2021, Mixed media on canvas, 200 × 200 cm

  • Blue Handprint, 2021, Mixed media on canvas, 200 × 200 cm

About the Artist

Zou Jianping (B. 1955 Hunan, China)
Zou Jianping graduated from Hunan Normal University and pursued further studies at the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. He is the Honorary Chairman of the Hunan Artists Association, a member of the Chinese Artists Association, and an art consultant at the Yungang Grottoes Research Institute. Zou resides and works in Changsha.
Zou Jianping is a significant figure in the development of contemporary and modern art in China. With nearly 46 years of dedication to artistic endeavors, he epitomizes the nuanced and diverse nature of a contemporary artist, seamlessly integrating publication and creative expression, venturing across disciplines and embracing a composite approach to his craft.

  • Zou Jianping


The Divine Earth

Jan 13 - Feb 24, 2024
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Tang Contemporary Art Bangkok
Room 201 - 206, River City Bangkok, 23 Soi Charoenkrung 24, Talad Noi, Sampantawong, Bangkok, 10100
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