Aye Ko – From Silence is Golden: DVD Magazine Vol.1

Aye Ko

1963 -

He was born in Pathein in 1963. In 1988, he came to Yangon and entered Yangon' art society. He became well-known among the post modem art in Myanmar. In 1990, he organized an art exhibition called "Modern Art 90" and participated in it. Aye Ko was an impressionist painter in his early year. After meeting with Yangon based modern artist Maung D and Aung Myint, he began to paint abstract painting. In 1994, he founded the Olive Gallery. In 1996, he became interested in the postmodern approach and began to do performance art. In 1999, he participated in the 2nd Asia International Performance art Festival in Bangkok, Thailand and followed by many performance events in Hong Kong, Macau, Cambodia, Germany, Philippine, Vietnam, France, Indonesia, Japan and New York and became one of the most-internationally well-known Myanmar's performance artists.

In 2000, he started to do multimedia art and founded the "New Zero Art Group". In 2001, he did a performance piece at the Asian Performance Art Festival in New York, which was an important art festival among his careers. In 2005, Asian Cultural Council awarded him art residency in New York. Also, ACC granted him to study art galleries in Indonesia and China. After his gallery visits in Indonesia in 2007, he decided to establish an art space in Myanmar after he realized that Myanmar artists need the opportunity to get known global. Therefore, in 2008, he founded the New Zero Art Space to promote young generation of Myanmar modern artists in the contemporary art scene in the world. From 1999 to 2009, he participated in more than 30 foreign group exhibitions and 50 group shows in Myanmar. He made his solo shows in New York and in Hong Kong. Sixth solo shows were held at the Lawkanat Gallery in Yangon, Myanmar. He is the executive director of New Zero Art space by promoting such programs as the international exchange and artist in residency programs. He is also an art critic and a writer. Because of his love in reading, he is the publisher of two monthly Magazine, "Fashion" and "Hlaing Thit". His works had been collected in the USA, Germany, Italy, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, Belgium, Korea, Thailand, Taiwan and in Myanmar.

Editor: Aura Contemporary Art Foundation