Dusadee Huntrakul; Artworks Connecting Space and Time Produced from Soil Clusters

Dusadee Huntrakul

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Inspired by anthropology, Dusadee Huntrakul analyzes ancient things and produces symbolic works with a modern approach. His work medias are wide-ranging, including ceramics, sculptures, and drawings. He holds a bachelor's degree in Art from UCLA Los Angeles and a master's degree in Art from the University of California at Berkeley. He held many exhibitions abroad, including solo exhibitions in Chan + Hori Gallery, Singapore, the Oakland Museum of Art, California USA, the Osage Gallery in Hong Kong, Palais de Tokyo in Paris, the Mori Art Museum, and the Tokyo National Museum of Art. He is also actively involved outside Thailand, participating in the Singapore Biennale in November 2019.
I had an interview to him about the themes and works of his artwork, as well as about his future activities.

  • "Meandering purpose to enter into the world of shit"

"My first encounter with pottery, more like clay, is when I saw the unique ceramic piece my younger brother brought back from his university pottery class.
It is  like a haniwa (clay figurine) in Japanese, which reminds me of a funeral ceremony, and at the same time, I found a feeling that is connected to the future.
It is interesting to me as a presence that can connect the present, past and the future, and since then I have started producing works using clay in the workshop."

In your exhibition "THEY TALK" at BANGKOK CITYCITY GALLERY, some works use the motifs of the Ban Chiang ruins in Udon Thani. Could you tell me more about that?

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“Ruins are found at everywhere, and the Agricultural people in BC moved scattered from one village in search of a better environment. Thinking about human development as seen in such expansion of residential areas and so on, I created a work of form with the motif of the ruins.”

Your "Land of no more hope" covers Cambodian Khmer Rouge. How does this link in your artwork?

"The Khmer Rouge effected not only in Cambodia but also people displaced by the Vietnam War were forced to move. As a nation of the same Indochinese region, by taking up what happened at the time, I raised the attention about the system of civil society and the question of what would happen after we faced a social crisis like the Khmer Rouge."

You are currently teaching art. What are you conscious of teaching?

“I myself met a very good teacher before. I'm conscious of his words to me, ""It's important to experience by yourself."" Learning a theory is also important, but there is nothing better than experience, isn't there?”

What are your plans for future activities?

“I am thinking of a joint project with my little son.
I would like to use a video, photograph, or something else to create a piece that uses my home garden, which observes and records the relationship between plants, animals, insects, and other natural objects for a period of one year or more.
The theme is "inputting a life." Having life is having death, and requires another life for having life. I would like to express with my son this kind of circulation and relationship of nature.”

Artist's profile

Dusadee Huntrakul
Born in 1978 in Bangkok
2013 MFA, University of California at Berkeley, CA, USA
2007 BA, University of California at Los Angeles, CA, USA
2000 Non-Degree, Otis College of Art and Design, CA, USA
Solo Exhibitions
2018 There are More Monsoon Songs Elsewhere, 100 Tonson Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand
2017 To Dance is to be Everywhere, Chan + Hori Contemporary, Singapore
2016 Dusadee + Dusit + Lovers + Dead Ones, Chulalongkorn Art Center, Bangkok, Thailand
2011 Excerpt from Love Letters, Koi Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand
2010 Brand New 2010, Bangkok University Art Gallery (BUG), Bangkok, Thailand
Group Exhibitions
2018 TOWARDS THE FIGURELESS, 1PROJECTS Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand
2017 SUNSHOWER: Contemporary Art from Southeast Asia 1980's to Now, Mori Art Museum and The National Art Center, Tokyo, Japan
          Two men look out through the same bars: one sees the mud, and one the star, WTF Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand
          To Whom It May Concern #BorrowManAuction, Bangkok City City Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand
2016 Two men look out through the same bars: one sees the mud, and one the star, Art Centre Silpakorn University, Bangkok, Thailand
          Tracing the Past, Nichido Contemporary Art, Tokyo, Japan
2015 Beneath the Moon/Sous la lune, curated by Khairuddin Bin Hori for Palais de Tokyo at Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore, Singapore
          Hand Drawn Plates, Adobe Books, San Francisco, USA
          Sovereign Asia Art Prize Finalists Exhibition, Hong Kong, China
          Across the Ocean, Bournemouth Thai Art Festival, United Kingdom
2014 Fertile Ground: Art and Community in California, Co-organized by San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and Oakland Museum of California,
          Oakland Museum of California, CA, USA
          Memorandum, Bangkok University Gallery (BUG), Bangkok, Thailand
2013 Singapore Biennale 2013 "If the World Changed", Peranakan Museum, Singapore
          43rd MFA Exhibition, Berkeley Art Museum, Berkeley, CA, USA
          Sweet Nightmare, Bangkok University Gallery (BUG), Bangkok, Thailand
2012 Regional Perspectives, OSAGE Gallery, Hong Kong, China
          Sigma Asia2, OSAGE Gallery, Hong Kong, China
          Nouva {Arte} Povera, Bangkok University Gallery (BUG), Bangkok, Thailand
2010 2nd Station, WTF Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand
          Pasteperfect, Soul Space Studio, Bangkok, Thailand
          Incognito 2010, Santa Monica Museum of Modern Art (SMMOA), Santa Monica, CA, USA
          Ordinariness of the Artist's House, Mao Jai Dee Gallery, Chiang-Mai, Thailand
2007 Can We Sit On It, New Weight Gallery, University of California at Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA, USA
          You see my jellyfish. I see your oyster, The Studio, curated by Mieke Marple, Inglewood, CA, USA

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