Tawan Wattuya – Sharply Criticizes Social Issues and Hierarchies in Modern Times with His Own Watercolors

Tawan Wattuya

Thai artist Tawan Wattuya who has held many exhibitions abroad, such as in New York, Tokyo, and Taiwan, is an artist who paints animals and still life, but mainly portraits of people, using unique watercolor techniques. He deals with various subjects such as political turmoil, terrorism, and pornography, and highlights problems with his keen insights.

Tawan Wattuya's Work Themes

The theme Tawan Wattuya deals with is broad and truly unique, expressing its potential brutality. In the series with the theme of Miss contest, with women being 'sold', the hierarchy of beauty in Thai society was depicted cynically and with pop sensibility. He also worked on a series of portraits of victims facing chronic political violence in Thailand as a theme. His view on society regarding the imposed social order, standards, and sense of duty captures things and behaviors from a different angle, and the audience can feel that vision through his works.

Watercolor Technique of Tawan Wattuya

Tawan Wattuya has chosen watercolors that are difficult to control, and by creating and arranging the number of copies, the theme of the work becomes more prominent. The blurred portraits are obtained by intentionally pressing watercolor paints onto paper, creating a person's facial expression with a strong impact.

Regarding the Solo Exhibition 'AMNESIA'

From 25th May to 14th July 2019, Tawan Wattuya's exhibition was held at 1PROJECTS Gallery in Bangkok. This exhibition featured victims of political protests or people affected by oppression from April to May 2010. More than one hundred of these victims died.

The lives lost in Thai political massacres have tended to be lost twice in Thai history. While their names and faces are rapidly disappearing from collective memory, those who are directly or indirectly involved in the agitation of violence occupy a prominent position in Thai history. 'Lost Decade', this expression is widely used to refer to the latest and lasting political deadlock, but it may not be just progress or economic wealth that is truly lost. The most traumatic loss for Thai people may be their memory of events and people involved.

This series of works, created in 2010, was exhibited as a chance to vividly revive the memories of victims, who have been forgotten as 'AMNESIA'.

Artist Profile:

Tawan Wattuya
Born in Thailand, 1973  


The College of Fine Arts, Bangkok.
Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree (B.F.A.) in Painting,
The Faculty of Painting, Sculpture and Graphic Arts, Silpakorn University, Bangkok, Thailand.

Main Solo Exhibitions:

"Rogues Gallery : Monsters, Villains & Hellbent Politicians" The Lodge Gallery, New York, USA
"Out of The Frying Pan, into The Fire" ARTIST+RUN Bangkok, Thailand

"Blinded" Diginner gallery workshop, Tokyo, Japan

"When water Beats" ART&PLUS, Paris, France

"Like a Virgin" Alliance Francaise de Brisbane, Brisbane, Australia
"Dek Oey Dek Dee" Toot Yung Art Center, Bangkok, Thailand

"Tii Tai Krua" The Art Center Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand

"Fading Nostalgia" Gallery Yang, 798 art zone, Beijing, China

"Superheroes and the Unreachable Fantasies", DCA Gallery, Brussels, Belgium

"Okinawa part 2", Tsuchi Gallery, Naha city, Okinawa, Japan
"Bimboes, Stars & Super heroes", Toot Yung Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand
"Uniform/Uniformity", Tang Contemporary Art, Bangkok, Thailand
"Tawan Wattuya", Galerie Compagnies du Monde, Paris, France
"Beijing Art Fair", Beijing, China

"Siamese Freaks", Numthong Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand

"500" Sarazine Gallery, Sarasin Road, Bangkok, Thailand

"Lonely People" Burapha University Art Gallery, Bangsaen, Chonburi, Thailand

"Western Japan Merger" The Gallery by Cocoon, Bangkok, Thailand

Major Group Exhibitions:

"Farewell : The art Center's Acknowledgment" The Art Center Chula, Bangkok, Thailand
"Condemned To Be Free" WTF Gallery & Café, Bangkok, Thailand
"Jet' aime... moi non plus" nca nichido contemporary art, Tokyo, Japan
"Funayama's collection" Fuma Contemporary Tokyo Bunkyo Art, Tokyo, Japan
"A Journey Far From Home" Galerie Nichido, Taipei, Taiwan
"Jura- Okinawa" Galerie Du Sauvage, Jura, Switzerland
"Totem" Saatchi Gallery, London, England
"Head or Tails?" Sundaram Tagore Gallery, New York, USA

"PRUDENTIAL EYE AWARD" Contemporary Asian Art, ArtScience Museum, Singapore
"Bare" Hof art, Bangkok, Thailand
"a peculiar nature" The Lodge gallery, New York, USA
"Tracing the past" nca / nichido contemporary art, Tokyo, Japan
"Crossover" Rycom Anthropology, Koza, Okinawa, Japan

"KOANS" Tang Contemporary Art, Bangkok, Thailand
"World Watermedia Exposition, Thailand, Ratchadamnoen Contemporary Art Center, Bangkok
"ANTHROPOS" Sundaram Tagore gallery, New York, USA

"DENY" Gallery D-9, Bangkok, Thailand
"BUKRUK" BACC, Bangkok, Thailand
"UNCENSORED" Numthong Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand
"Anthropos" Numthong Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand
"Anthropos" Sundaram Tagore Gallery, Singapore

"Cut Thru" Lasalle College of The Arts, Singapore
"Thai Trends from Localism to Internationalism", BACC, Bangkok, Thailand

"Dialogues", Belgian and Thai art and design exhibition, BACC, Bangkok, Thailand
"Wall2", BACC, Bangkok, Thailand
"RAW" Numthong Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand
"City of angels/identity crisis",Galerie 59 rue Rivoli, Paris, France
"When all you got is given" 68 Square Metres Art Space, Copenhagen, Denmark

"KOZA A.I.R", M&A gallery, Okinawa city, Okinawa, Japan

"Story of the Eye", Gossip Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand
"La Thailande vous sourit" Chapelle Saint Julien, Salinelles, France
"Broadsheet Notations",Tang Contemporary Art, Bangkok, Thailand

"The Inner I", GMT+7 Gallery, Brussels, Belgium
"My next Artist", Nguyen Tan Chong Gallery, Paris, France
"VDO", 856 G Gallery, Cebu, Philippine
"3 Young Contemporary", Valentine Willie Fine Art, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

"Artist self portrait", The Silom Galleria, Bangkok, Thailand

10th Anniversary, Numthong Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand

"Face Up", Numthong Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand

"Ode to the Period's Difference", Tang Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand

"Private", Art Exhibition, Rajamangala Institute of Technology Art Gallery (Klong 6 Campus), Thailand

"Traces of Wisdom", Tang Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand

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