Nostalgia, Amnesia

Edition 1/5 +AP

Nobuhiro Shimura

Nostalgia, Amnesia, 2019, Single-channel HD digital video, 16:9, Colour, Sound, 45', France, Japan,
All images courtesy of the artist

Nostalgia, Amnesia is a video work focusing on the sheep wool industry from modern to contemporary times. Appearing alternately are a shepherd who continues traditional transhumance in the mountainous areas of the Basque region, a woman who spins wool in a small village in southwestern France, and an organic farmer who protects the land in Sanrizuka, Narita City, where Japan’s first sheep farm was located. These places where the artist conducted his investigation concerning sheep are all at the brink of our heterogenous world that is endangered by globalism. Incorporating a documentary approach, the artist reflects on the changing situation of modern society in an impartial tone. Embracing themes of nostalgia and forgetting, this work visualizes resistance to the gradual loss of labor, especially handcrafts, due to industrialization.

Editor: Aura Contemporary Art Foundation