Edition 2/3+AP

Samak Kosem

2017-2018, Video 14:09 mins
All images courtesy of the artist

Sheep is a video art that alternates social narratives in the Deep South through other ‘actors’, who are not just people or human-beings in this society. By giving the so-called ‘nonhumans’ who also live and interact within the same community / environment, the reflection of such a still-violent society is presented through different perspectives. Sheep, as a Muslim pet for the Qurban or the sacrificial slaughter, is related to Islamic and local cultures. Creating myths about the‘stigmatized sheep’ is also no different from what the state attempts to define people in the Deep South. The study of sheep in this work seeks to provide an insight into Muslim studies that I have studied constantly, by focusing more on the question over phenomena than emphasizing on the ideal Muslim society.

Editor: Aura Contemporary Art Foundation