By the shore of the sea

Edition 1/3+AP

Samak Kosem

2019, Video 10:02 mins
All images courtesy of the artist

At an abandoned spot on the beach in Pattani, a city in Thailand Deep South. Nurulhuda shows us the place she almost died drowning into those waves. The narrative of her personal experiences with the waves at her hometown, include her reflexivity in life and society through the story of being a Muslim woman. Voicing her own narrative and that of another woman, she voices the waves within her mind that can never be claimed. This short video explores all sounds being a form of waves, it is the crashing of the sounds of strong winds, sea waves, and women’s voices. To find what we want to listen to or bear to hear it, those waves are always blowing within our minds from one shore to another.

Editor: Aura Contemporary Art Foundation