Wakan / Soul Is Film

Edition 1/5+AP

Akimi Ota

Wakan / Soul Is Film, 2021, Single Channel Video, 22min 12sec, Edition 1/5
All images courtesy of the artist

Inspired by the Shuar word “wakan”, which refers to both “soul” and “film”, this video work contemplates the radical correlation between the “invisible” and the “visible”, through an assemblage of fragmented footage filmed during Ota’s long-term anthropological fieldwork in Ecuadorian Amazonia. Intentionally made without subtitles and structured as circular montage, viewers are invited to the elusive stream of life in Amazonia that resists interpretation as well as essentialisation.

About the Artist

Akimi Ota (B.1989, Tokyo)
Filmmaker, photographer, writer, PhD in anthropology, plant lover.

  • Akimi Ota

Editor: Aura Contemporary Art Foundation