Edition 2/5+AP

Lim Sokchanlina

2019 15min single channel video ©Lim Sokchanlina / courtesy of nca | nichido contemporary art
All images courtesy of the artist

Written by Sachiko Iwase

Through the use of different media, photography, video and performance to name a few, Lim addresses the problems of today’s Cambodia related to politics, economy, environment, cultural change, and so forth.
An ongoing project, Wrapped Future II brings fences, used on construction sites to enclose the surrounding areas, to different locations, lakes, valleys and forests, and places them at the center of works as to obscure the beautiful Cambodian landscape.
The inharmonious landscape is gradually captivated by the exquisite balance between inorganic material and mystical background. The photos were taken in places that in recent years have become targets of a large-scale exploitation under a massive globalization of capital and other political interests. Using the fences as a symbol of change, Lim is warning us about an uncertain future where local realities with their communities, culture and nature will slowly fade away.

“The mountain wind of high red land flew down to spirit forest and continue it way to central land and river causing wave to oceans.
6 months hot and 6 months raining season of Cambodia create the beautiful light and atmosphere in the landscape of space.

Seasons and time both go pass from generation to another generation; leave mark, damage, memory to reveal of what is now but not knowing what is the future?
The future that I always looking for is uncertain, fragility and unrealizable.

What you see does not certainly what you see! It is not clear what exactly it is, is it the damage? Or is it just a blurry in your eye? The landscape freezes me in an isolation and meditation situation for a moment of time. After I realize, I got into unconsciousness, in a dream and confusing about the reality in front of me. This reality is so unrecognizable.
The stillness of perfect shaped and color of industrial made fence had been carefully installed and placed in powerful mysterious nature turning to be surprisingly uncontrolled and unexpected experiences.

Lim Sokchanlina"

Editor: Aura Contemporary Art Foundation