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Lin & Lin Gallery

Sep 03 - Nov 19, 2022

Wu Meng-Chang, Time2022, White marble, 79×46×5cm
All images courtesy of Lin & Lin Gallery

Lin & Lin Gallery is pleased to present the group exhibition Śūnyatā_Being at Liberty in September. Curator Shen Bo-Cheng invites visitors to see how artists Wang Ya-Hui, Wu Meng-Chang, and Zhao Zhao (in alphabetical order) experience the sublimation of enrichment and creativity in vacancy. The exhibition will show the unique Eastern aesthetic of contemporary Chinese artists from the perspective of vacancy, which is expressed and translated in the practice of contemporary plastic art.

Wang Ya-Hui is concerned with the relationship and way of thinking between human and the world in Eastern natural philosophy, and merges this thinking into contemporary life experiences. Her works are not only about creating or describing a landscape, but also about the dynamic experience of how a landscape is constructed. A Work for a Building Plot is a series of works in which flowers and twigs collected from the pre-construction site are used to do a flower bouquet as a memory for the future. The Leaf Holes series is a reflection on "how we observe nature" and a change in the perspective of viewing the environment.

  • Wang Ya-Hui, Leaf Holes No.6, 2011, Giclée prints on semi glossy photopaper and Mounted on Dibond, 37.5x50cm

  • Wang Ya-Hui, A Work for a Building Plot Make a Flower Arrangement for Me 2-5, 2022, Giclée prints on semi glossy photopaper and Mounted on Dibond, 30x40cm

Wu Meng-Chang's stone sculptures emphasize the harmony and coexistence of natural forms and human will. He follows the original state and characteristics of the stones to penetrate, grind, fracture, and combine them with intuition and life experience. The fractured surface preserved in his works is a form of dialogue between the artist and the nature, and can be regarded as a poetic relationship between the artist and the stone sculpture as well. Wu once said, “For me, art creation is a way to explore and understand my own existence, it’s also a process of self-correction.” He practices the relationship between his own concern and the external environment in order to reach the coexistence and integration of the three-dimensional space and the spiritual space.

  • Wu Meng-Chang, Cycle, 2021, Granite, 55x55x12cm

  • Wu Meng-Chang, Occasion-12, 2022, Marble, 58x32x3cm

Zhao Zhao uses a variety of media to transform realistic subjects and artistic forms, focusing on the relationship between individual consciousness and the social sphere in which he lives. In the global context, the combination of contemporary expression and traditional culture in his works is a metaphor for people's living conditions and their real state in today’s society. The works of Buddha and Natural series convey a symbol that everything has its own spirit and bring out the artist's allegory which is more rigorous than poetry yet freer than most painting. The installation work Countless is composed of a large number of one-centimeter square cubes, which was cut from the remnants of ancient Chinese Buddha statues. The cubes are separated from each other and presented in the form of matrix, forming a kind of equality of format. From existence to nothingness, it transforms the traditional spiritual beliefs into contemporary beliefs.

  • Zhao Zhao, Untitled, 2014, Oil on canvas, 180x150cm

  • Zhao Zhao, Countless, 2014, White marble and wollastonite in 1 cubic centimeter/each originally from Buddha status, Dimensions variable


Śūnyatā_Being at Liberty

Sep 03 - Nov 19, 2022
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Lin & Lin Gallery
1F, No.16, Dongfeng Street, Taipei, Taiwan
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11:00 - 19:00 TUESDAY-SATURDAY

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