‘Unapologetically Queer’ by Rita Khin & Zicky Le – Myanm/art



Jun 26 - Jul 10, 2022

WAWWA 2, 2022, Zicky Le, 53.34 cm x 35.56cm, Photograph
All images courtesy of Myanm/art

Rita Khin and Zicky Le, two storytellers through camera lenses, met again in this duo exhibition with a magical coincidence. They first met one another quite some time ago at a church. There, they were just a boy and a girl who had yet to embrace their identities but now, their bond became stronger, sharing the emotions and acceptance about themselves and their loved ones.

  • There are sun-rays in the room, Rita Khin

In this exhibition, Rita did a series of photographs between two women. Rita said, “These are the self-portrait visual works about a woman who loves a woman when there are sun rays in our room”. The pure, soft and drift of intimacy and love between the lovers are portrayed, combined with the sun rays and its ambience, throughout her photo series. Not only that, Rita presented the visual works by processing through cyanotype, to recreate the balance of intangible emotions and perception of touch.

Zicky Le loves telling stories through his fashion and photographs. ZIcky responded to the challenges of ignorance queer identity and diversity in popular culture and mainstream media by speaking out through his photographic works. From the photographs, Zicky invited his queer friends and colleagues to participate in his shoot, turning them into photographs of voices with strong and true queer identity. As a photographer from the local fashion industry who’s always working closely with people, Zicky brings out his vibrant, editorial and bona fide photographs of his colleagues from queer community in Unapologetically Queer.

  • There are sun-rays in the room 1, 2022, Rita Khin, Diameter 76.2cm x 57.15cm, Cyanotype Photograph

  • Moe, 2022, Zicky Le, 53.34cm x 76.2cm, Photograph

  • WAWWA 3, 2022, Zicky Le, 27.94 cm x 38.1cm, Photograph

  • Maddy The Great 1, 2022, Zicky Le, 53.34 cm x 76.2cm, Photograph

About the Artists

Rita Khin
Rita Khin is a Yangon-based queer photographer and is a member of Thuma Collective, initiated in 2017 which includes six Myanmar women photographers who are dedicated to visual storytelling. Rita’s works primarily cover gender diversity, women issues and LGBTQ+ related stories. In 2019, her portrait photo series called “Body and Soul” about a trans man and a trans woman was showcased as part of Spectrosynthesis II at Bangkok Arts and Cultural Centre. In 2019, She was selected as a fellow to attend the Angkor Photo Festival in Cambodia. Currently, she is working at a farmers-focused social enterprise called Proximity Designs as an in-house photographer.

Zicky Le
Born in the suburban Insein, Zicky Le is a Burmese - Karen image maker and a visual story teller currently based in Yangon. He explores the subjects of Identity and Queerness through his bold and vibrant fashion images. His works had featured in Vogue Italia - photo vogue on 2019 for the first time and 25 photography works have been featured till now. His works have been featured also in 12-month retrospective series of i-D magazine. A photo exhibition “Unapologetically Queer” by Myanm / art in 2022 is the first show of which Zicky Le participates.

  • Rita, 2022, Zicky Le, 53.34 cm x 35.56cm, Photograph

  • Zicky, 2022, Rita Khin, 53.34 cm x 35.56cm, Photograph


Unapologetically Queer

26 June 〜 10 July 2022
会 場
G-42 Urban Asia Centre, 48th Street, Middle Block, Botataung, Yangon
電 話
+95 9 42106 6342
11am - 6pm  

Editor: Aura Contemporary Art Foundation