Art Law Webinar Vol. 1: The Basics of Artist Rights and Contracts

Oct 14

Source: "Art Law: The Guide for Collectors, Investors, Dealers & Artists", Practising Law Institute (PLI); 5th Edition (August 19, 2020)

AURA Contemporary Art Foundation supports the Art Law Sebinar in Japanese. We are delighted to be able to conduct this webinar with Mr. Kodai Kimura, attorney at law in Japan, who has been active in a number of art magazines and other publications, and Mr. Shii, the CEO of Startbahn, Inc., who has been making steady progress in building and exporting art infrastructure.

The second webinar will be held from the perspective of galleries, critics and collectors and will be followed by an English version.

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1. Webinar Summary

Do artists have the right to be involved in museum exhibitions? The main right that artists have is the copyright of their work, but few artists may be able to speak confidently about the content of their copyrights. That's no wonder, the copyright is a fairly complex area, and even experts often disagree on the subject. What are some of the things that an artist should be aware of when signing a contract with a gallery or licensing an artwork?

This webinar, co-hosted by Mr. Kodai Kimura, a lawyer in charge of the series "Art Law" on the web edition of "Bijutsu Techo” (one of the most popular art magazine in Japan), One Asia Lawyers Art Law Practice Team and Startbahn Inc., will cover the basics of artists' rights and contracts that you should know about. 

2. Webinar content

I. Artists' rights
- Do artists have the right to be involved in museum exhibitions?
- Can I use photographs and other artists' works as art materials?
- How similar does it have to be to constitute copyright infringement? "Goldfish Phone Box" Case
- Can you complain if someone sells a photo of your work installed as public art without your permission?
- Realization of the right to pursue by contract - Startbahn returns
II. Fundamentals of Contracts
- I trust you, so why do we need a contract?
- Is the share between the artist and the gallery 50:50?
- How does the court read the contract? -Exclusive Production and Sales Obligation in the Senju Hiroshi Case
- What is the preferred way to proceed with a commissioned work production contract?
- What do we agree on in art licensing?
III. Introduction to the Startbahn Business
- Why use blockchain as an infrastructure for art distribution and evaluation?
- What is "Startbahn Cert.", a blockchain certificate issuance service?

3. Target Audience
 Artists, curators, art students and others in the art field

4. Speakers
 Kodai Kimura
 Taihei Shii
 Yuto Yabumoto (Moderator)

5. Date
 Wednesday, October 14, 2020, 18:00-20:00 (Japan time)

6. Method and cost
 - Webinars with Zoom (live streaming)
 - Admission is free
 - No limited capacity

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8. Sponsorship
 Kobayashi & Yugeda Law Office 
 Startbarn, Inc.
 One Asia Lawyers Asian Art & Legal Practice Team

9. Supported by
 Eastern Culture Support Foundation
 AURA Contemporary Art Foundation

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