Introduction of new artists in Myanmar, on video: An art event in Yangon – ‘Silence Is Golden’ by Mekong Contemporary Art Foundation, etc.


Journalist living in Yangon, Yuki Kitazumi

Japan Foundation

May 03

I would like to widely introduce some of Myanmar's artists, who are not yet known around  the world - the art event 'Silence Is Golden', which was born from such a thought, was held at the Yangon Japan Culture Center on 3rd May. This was the first full-scale event undertaken by the Mekong Contemporary Art Foundation. Ten artists selected by young curator, Aung Myat Htay were introduced.

During this event, ten artists, including painters, a potter, a paper cutout artist, a performance artist, and a curator whose activities in recent years were conspicuous were collected together and  introduced. "Myanmar art is diverse," says Aung Myat Htay. "We chose artists who will play an active role in many fields while valuing that diversity as much as possible." In addition to producing a booklet introducing the works of the ten artists and their careers, a video interview was shown at the venue. The Yangon Japan Culture Center venue was filled with more than a hundred spectators.

At the event, the works of the artists introduced in the video were also lined up and exhibited. In the works of female painter Thynn Lei Nwe which are pen drawings that look like human beings that have changed like plants or insects were introduced. They seem to depict the contradiction of human psychology while creating an uncanny atmosphere, such as a picture of a man's feet being devoured by a bug-like creature on the top of his neck, based on a black background.

Zun Ei Phyu, a female paper cut out artist, is impressive with her simple, three-dimensional style. She sharply cuts out a piece of casual life, work, etc. At this event, her works with strong contrast based on a red background were exhibited.

Some of the introduced artists were veterans such as painter, Maung Di, born in 1941, and Htein Lin, born in 1966, but it also covered many young artists who were born in the 80s and 90s. Soe Yu Nwe, who expresses the power of life through ceramics and glasswork, was born in 1989, and photographer Kyaw Htoo Bala was born in 1992. One of the event's aims was to show the rise of artists who are in their twenties and thirties. In addition, American Nathalie Johnston, the president of the gallery 'Myanm/art', who is active in the Yangon art world, was also featured, showing the diversity of people who are active in Myanmar.

On this day, visitors bloomed for art discussions with a glass of wine in each hand, and one of the ten introduced artists, Mr. Latt, who is a member of the performance artist group '3AM',  gave a surprise performance. It was an avant-garde performance which included acts such as dropping wine on a notebook and licking it off, which was marveled at by the viewers.

Mr. Yuto Yabumoto, the president of the Mekong Contemporary Art Foundation, who created the event, also greeted and presented the first episode in Myanmar in which he purchased a full-fledged painting. He said that he held the foundation launch event in Yangon because he had developed deep feelings towards Myanmar art. Representative Director Mr. Yabumoto strongly stated, "I want to create a world rich in art, not just one that is efficient." He made clear his determination to actively develop activities for the promotion of art in the Asian region, such as the launching of a website introducing art in the Mekong region for the future.

Yangon Japan Culture Center:
An event space for cultural exchange, operated by the Japan Foundation. In addition to exhibitions of photographs and paintings, it is expected to be used for a wide range of cultural exchange projects, such as the screening of visual works.


Silence Is Golden

May 3rd, 2019
会 場
Yangon Japan Culture Center (Japan Foundation)
No.70 Nat Mauk Lane (1), Bahan Township, Yangon, Myanmar
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