Monument of Doubt

Edition 1/3+AP

Maung Day

Monument of Doubt, 2018, Edition1/3+AP, Single-channel video, HD video, colour, sound, colour, sound, 9min 17sec
All images courtesy of the artist

Everyday people walk in the shadows of statues and monuments that carry in them a violent past and are laden with nationalist political narratives. These narratives creep into people's psyches and influence the way they think and behave in their everyday life. However, oftentimes, the essence of these political narratives and imagery do not reflect local realities which are always changing with time and new perceptions of geography and human demographics. Over a period of time, this propagandization process instills a passive mindset in people towards their own political past. Maung Day's video "Monument of Doubt", shot in Ho Chi Minh City during his stay in the Vietnamese city to participate in a residency program, questions political symbolisms and nationalist nostalgia that nurtures passivity and closed-ness within a society. 

Editor: Aura Contemporary Art Foundation