Publishment : “Abstraction of Breathing”

Abstraction of Breathing, an archive created by Aura Contemporary Art Foundation in collaboration with SoCA in Myanmar, is now available. Aura Asia Art Project will post video interviews with the artists’ introduction.
Please access the catalog from here.
<URL> Abstraction of Breathing

The Documentation Project of Contemporary Art in Myanmar 2020 Vol: 3

Curated by
Aung Myat Haty
Founder of SoCA (School of Contemporary Art project)
Co-curated and supported by
Yuto Yabumoto
Director of AURA Contemporary Art Foundation

Edited, Translated and Design by
SoCA (School of Contemporary Art Project)
in collaboration with AURA Contemporary Art Foundation Aung Myat Htay
Yuto Yabumoto (AURA)
Aung Myat Htay, Yuto Yabumoto and Diana Nwe Htwe Diana Nwe Htwe and Yuto Yabumoto
Diana Nwe Htwe with special Thanks to
Nathalie Johnston (Myanma/art), Ke’Su Thar, San Lin Tun SoCA team