Thuma Collective / Artist Interview – Abstraction of Breathing

Thuma Collective

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Thuma Collective (Photography Collective)

Khin Kyi Htet:
When the group was first formed in 2017, there were 7 members. Then, as a pilot program, we planned to work informally for about 6 months. As a visual trend, each of us leans towards contemporary—like contemporary documentary photography. This is as a collectively produced work by a collective. But within the collective, there are 5 different styles—like the subjects we explore will have 5 different topics. This Disclosure exhibition is our second photo exhibition. After this exhibition, we have been working more as a collective and our outreach became wider. Before this exhibition, in 2018, we have worked on a photo project called Bridging the Naf  in collaboration with a Bangladesh-based women photography collective. It was a conversation between two countries. We paired (6) of them and (5) of us and worked on various projects.
Yu Yu Myint Than:
During the early days, we focused on the growth of the collective. Recently, we have been focusing more on a collective to community approach; because in a Southeast Asian country like Myanmar, the art scene and community are still not strong—the institution too. So in the coming years, we’re aiming for beyond the Thuma Collective and establishing a community.

  • Thuma Collective

Thuma Collective is a group of female photographers from Myanmar who are dedicated to visual storytelling. “Thuma” means “She” in Myanmar language. The collective was initiated in 2017 by the 5 women photographer. Thuma’s works have been exhibited in local and international art scenes. To name a few are their collective exhibitions; “Us & Beyond” and “Disclosure” at Myanmar Deitta gallery and Pursuing Arts in Research Festival in Yangon. 


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