Bay Bay / Artist Interview – Abstraction of Breathing

Bay Bay

All images courtesy of the artist

Curated, Edited, Translated and Design by SOCA (School of Contemporary Art Project) in collaboration with AURA Contemporary Art Foundation Aung Myat Htay, Yuto Yabumoto (AURA).

Bay Bay (Photography/Collage)

I started doing photography 6 years ago. In the beginning, it was just casual snaps here and there. Later, I learned Photoshop and I started self-studying. Thinking about what more I can do with photography, I started working on photo series. It was my friend, Kyaw Htoo Bala, who introduced me to collage. Collage is like writing poems—writing poems with images. I started painting two years ago. I discovered painting as a form of escape because I couldn’t leave the house due to my health. It all began with a small book a friend gifted me. I started with a few scribbles in the book and later, I ended up creating works up to 2-3 feet. Most of my works are about self-exploration. For example, the photo series exhibited at the Secretariat (Yangon), Loneliness of the Yangon was about watching Yangon and imagining myself as Yangon. It’s like painting where one doesn’t really plan but just following the feeling and creating as I go.

  • Bay Bay

Bay Bay has been producing photographic works,  developing her own photographic projects and  experimenting with various styles of visual production, from reflective black and white meditations on a swiftly developing Yangon to surrealist photo collages making use of found imagery. She now works as a freelance photographer and has been exhibited numerous times, including a first solo show in Yangon in 2017. She has also participated in Yangon Photo Festival, Myanmar’s largest photographic event.


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