Matter Collective (Ito & Moe Myat)/ Artist Interview – Abstraction of Breathing

Matter Collective (Ito & Moe Myat)

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Abstraction of Breathing Exploring Multidisciplinary Art in Myanmar 2020, Matter Collective (Ito & Moe Myat)

Curated, Edited, Translated and Design by SOCA (School of Contemporary Art Project) in collaboration with AURA Contemporary Art Foundation Aung Myat Htay, Yuto Yabumoto (AURA).

Matter Collective Ito & Moe Myat

When I do music, I see collages. In every music from, there are shapes and collages, and living states and thought processes. I realized all this after I went through many forms of music and I no longer want to go into these collages. (Sound of poem recital… I stared absently at the road from my window…, the sound of the ticking clock is hypnotic, the clouds with equal mundane thoughts… the movie screening, searching the meaning behind it like a fool…, the interrogator who answered within the story line, a professor who collects notes, is he right? The clouds are truth…, is he in the sky? Does he exist like the sky…? The root of weak thoughts must be eradicated. I don’t want to blame on feelings. Undoing is doing…, poem writes poem… the dance is not its meaning…, nonexistence is existence, he is life, he is nature, he is I, I am he, this is Tao…)
Ito :
I have an obstacle when it comes to religion. I don’t believe in religion. When those histories follow music, I don’t know what to call myself anymore. I feel lost not just in a sense of religion but also in my own existence. That’s when I started reading Taoist poems and started liking Taoism. I think it suits me because if I am to love something more than myself, it’s my family. I live for my family. Something I love more than my family would be my people. More than that would be my country. More than that would be the world and if I can love more than that, it’ll be existence—the power of existence that created this world. For an artist, the artist’s ego is very big. If we can think beyond that ego, then the artist will have a bigger heart. Thinking about others, living for others; I think if we can live like that our country will become very beautiful. But unfortunately, everyone seem to not be able to get over their ego. And that’s why I ended up writing this poem as an awareness.
Moe Myat :
For me, I don’t want to be considered strictly as a film director, musician, or photographer. I don’t want to be confined to one medium. This piece Freedom of Cloud consists of both audio and visual complementing each other—they are co-dependent. This is not limited to art but can also be combined with academia and other sciences. It’s a piece with that kind of freedom. And since it’s free, there is a higher potential of creativity.)

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MATTER is an artist-run experimental collectiveand innovative research lab for makers and thinkers run by 
Moe Myat (Artist/Filmmaker). Through workshops, paneldiscussions, projects, events and screenings, we aim to provide a hub where ideas grow together to create things that MATTER, Collective. CGAUSS a.k.a Itö (Win Htut Thawdar) is an experimental musician and a member of Matter collective. He also works as a vocalist, double-bass/electric bass/guitarist, music producer, music & film composer and sound designer. In pursuit of the second eye, he loves photography and the science behind it. He’d take a loop of videos where he’d capture the reality of the textures and use these images to animate his visual work behind the audio work

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