Ko So / Artist Interview – Abstraction of Breathing

Ko So

All images courtesy of the artist

Curated, Edited, Translated and Design by SOCA (School of Contemporary Art Project) in collaboration with AURA Contemporary Art Foundation Aung Myat Htay, Yuto Yabumoto (AURA).

Ko So (Performance Artist)

After finishing art school in 2000, I ended up staying in Yangon to learn more about what the art world has to offer. I am not exclusively strong in performance art. I actually like installations more. I also consider this performance as installing myself(the body) into an environment. In painting, I prefer mixed media. While doing art, in 2010, I began doing more environmental activism. Since then, I’ve been more interested in things related to the environment. Then, I started using recycled products. In this performance, I laid out some bags and put some seeds in. At the back, I filled a recycled glass rod with water, attached a pump so that oxygen bubbles come out. In my mouth is a short harmonica under the mask. I blew a short music note continuously as I breathe. I put the seeds to highlight the problem that these days, farmers have been using more imported seeds rather than local ones, and industrial expansions are causing deforestations.

  • Ko So

Ko So is a performance and multimedia artist and enviromentalist who riding the bike around Shan state. He participated local and international art activities since 2005. Currently he participated the international performance art event organized by New Zero Artspace in 2018 and 2019 in Yangon. He always concerned about the nature and environment also stand for peace to against civil war and conflict between different group of arm force. As his invol -vement in the art community of ethnic of Shan state he promote in the social culture and arts.


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